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Ever wonder why the song says “they’ve got some crazy little women” in Kansas City? Kansas City Fun Tours welcome the hippie and the hipster aboard the trolley to enlighten you. Moonbeam will open your mind to some crazy little women down through the years, and Valencia will drop some knowledge about the women who are making their marks today. In a light-hearted and admiring look at some of our favorite females, you’ll ride past the places where they lived and worked. As Moonbeam and Valencia attempt to solve their communication challenges, you’ll get more than a few laughs and hear from both sides of the feminist generation gap.

This tour will last approximately two hours. After riding through downtown KC and midtown, there will be a stop in the Jazz District just in time for happy hour--or to just stretch your legs--then it’s on through The Plaza to finish back at Union Station. You’ll hear tales of KC’s most famous madam, an equestrienne who was known throughout the world, women who began hospitals and art museums, women who broke through the gender barriers in many fields, and kidnapped women who refused to be victims. There will be plenty of grins and giggles and more than a few “oh, that’s crazy!” moments.
Both Jessica Whitfield (Valencia) and Wendy Thompson (Moonbeam) are professional actors and entertainers in Kansas City with forty-plus years of experience between them. Their credits include movies, television commercials, stage productions and interactive theater. They look forward to taking you for a ride on the trolley and flaunting their own craziness.
The Crazy Little Women tour is appropriate for ages 14 and up. The slang of the sixties is peppered with words that may be confused with mild profanity, and the historical content of women anywhere is complicated and best understood by mature audiences.



Trolley departs and returns to the entrance of Union Station. casey at union station 3
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